Rize.tv is a fast growing Mobile Sports Network designed for 13 to 24 year old viewers that have shifted away from full length sports programming on traditional cable networks to short highlight videos with cool music delivered to their mobile devices. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Galway Ireland.

Rize.tv is a sports network for the next generation of sports fans. We use tech, new platforms, and new formats to drive thousands of minutes of watch time each month.

Our Story

Rize.TV is building a sports network for professional and amateur sports. The company’s objective is to deliver programming that is moulded and specifically crafted for young Generation Z fans via the channels they love. The company was founded on a thesis that young people fundamentally consume sports differently from adults.

With an initial focus on dynamic young sports athletes, Rize.tv is going to be a leading provider of premium coverage of the most exciting young athletes and teams in sports.

Rize.tv will also boasts a roster of well-known and respected investors and advisors across the sports, media, entertainment, and technology sectors.